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A runner once, an explorer always!

Today I did not want to run, but I hadn’t run in two days and consistency is what produces results. It is for that reason only that I ran TODAY. I always check my weight after I run just to keep tabs on what is going on. After Thanksgiving and two days off from running, I was up 2.2 pounds. That is not real bad and can be made up fairly fast. It did mean I had jumped back above 200.

Today is the move to get back in the groove. When you have a goal you can’t wait until you feel like it to do the groundwork. Too many things at this stage of my life can become excuses that I chose to use rather than that I have to use. That really may be true of anyone at anytime. I know way back I wasn’t forced to stop running. I just chose to use up my time doing other things. Life is all about choices and sometimes we make choices and don’t understand what they will eventually lead to. I am choosing now to look a little farther out and make choices that will have a better chance of enhancing my life in the future and this running is part of that.  Sun 18:21.16




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