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What happened?

This morning as I stepped out and the air was heavy and sweltering. There for a moment I felt like a big old frog sitting on the edge of a pond wondering if I should sit or jump. I decided to go ahead and jump. There also this morning was an ominous silence. It was almost as if I had alerted someone yesterday about the purple martins, so they turned off the switch. There was not much sound from any of the birds right now.

That first portion of running yesterday was so uncomfortable; I decided to do a shorter leg of running before I got to that point. I stiffly ran for maybe fifty yards and then started walking. I could hear short tweets of birds here and there and maybe even one of those Purple Martin short circuits off in the distance to the South. I was right about the first run segment. It served as a warm-up and when I ran that second side of the rectangle it felt much better. I ran the third side the same as yesterday plus another little burst toward the end of that side. The thought ran through my head that it might take me a good while longer to be able to run the entire loop. I ran the entire length of the fourth side. I was back to the first side. As I ran I came upon my stop point and in my mind I thought I was only halfway there. That made me feel good! I ran another short distance to get back to the house. By this time the air was filled with the cooing of doves and I was done.

Although I was hotter and sweatier than previous days, I had a much better sense of accomplishment at the end of this loop. I ran for at least two-thirds of my loop. It won’t be long until I do the whole thing and then I can work on increasing the distance and/or the pace.

Another little side note: Although I am not concerned with how heavy I am right now, I find it interesting that after all this extra activity; I have actually gained 2-3 pounds.




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