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Water, water everywhere…

Woke up this morning again with the sound of rain. I opted to take this day off, because I knew the puddles would be much deeper. I dumped the gauge of almost 5″ of rain last night and then after I got up this morning, I went out and dumped another 2.75″ from the rain gauge and it is still coming down. Hermine is definitely making her presence known.

As I take the day off, I look back to 1984 as I embarked on a trip to Texas. I was riding a Diamondback Meanstreak mountain bike with panniers for carrying all my gear. Below is an excerpt from my journal:

Saturday, September 8, 1984

This morning at 7:30 I left Durango. I got up at 5:00 but it just took me that long to get everything together. Doug and I went to Durango Diner for breakfast. I made it to Pagosa Springs at 1:30 pm. I think that 80% of that stretch was uphill. I stopped at a convenience store and got a sandwich and some orange juice.

Before I got to Pagosa Springs (about 30 miles from Durango) I stopped and helped an Indian guy about my age push his van to get it started. His name was Wilbur. He had a wife and a kid about 2 or 3 years old. We got it pushed, he thanked me and we introduced each other and then we parted.

My knees have ached some today and I got really tired because I got to bed so late last night…so I stopped a little earlier today than I wanted. I’m at the Wolf Creek Campground right now. I’ll just get a good night sleep and try to make up some ground tomorrow. I have to go over Wolf Creek Pass tomorrow at 10,890 ft. elev. I think I’m at about 8.000 ft. elev. here.

I guess I covered about 78 miles today.    

This excursion was to take me from Durango, Colorado to ultimately end up back in Abilene, Texas. I had never done anything like this and I was traveling alone. I hadn’t really thought that I would not be able to complete this and so I had put little , if any, thought into a plan should something go wrong. I did have extra tubes, patches and a pump as I would have been really surprised to not have to deal with that. With goals you set, when you have decided to start toward them, you have to head that way somewhat with blinders on, so that along the way you do not get distracted. Remember it is not “I hope I have time”, it is “I will make time.”




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