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Too many friends

I realized this morning that monkey on my back while I am running is not nearly annoying as all of his friends hanging on everywhere else. Their incessant chatter and the constant squeezing, pinching and prodding makes it very hard to concentrate on the goal. I also had the thought that the pain associated with the distance runner is like a person you meet that sort of repulses you and intrigues you at the same time. The more you hang around them, the less you are repulsed and the more you look to their good points. That is unless they get up in your face and show you all of their ugliness. Then it may be time to take some time away.

I am contemplating how fast and how much to increase the training. I know the more I put on me, the faster I will improve. This also increases the possibility of injury. I want to do as much as I can, but not get hurt. Part of that is not getting so excited over how things are progressing that I don’t keep in check what my body is capable of at any moment in time. There is a great feeling in knowing you have pushed yourself to the limit and made it to or past your goal. I like the end of the run, that part where you can say, “Man, I’m glad that’s over and I did it!”




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