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Time to stop messing around!

I set out this morning knowing what I had to do. I decided to run the other direction from my house this morning. I would run to the corner and then walk back to the house. This would serve as my warm-up.

When I got back even with the house, I started running. I got even with where the Purple Martins resided…not a peep. I think I figured out what happened. There when I was hearing all the noise, it was the uproar from them at how I was going about this training routine. Then they just got so disgusted, they left. I know it may be presumptuous of me to think they cared, but it makes me feel better.

It was time to stop messing around. I ran to the corner. I made the turn to the second side. I made the turn to the third side, now running up a slight incline. I felt pretty good. I made the turn to the fourth side and with a slight down hill slope, it actually felt pretty good. I was able to continue this all the way back home. I completed the full circuit in a run and it just wasn’t that big of a deal.

I knew yesterday after that loop that I was adding a lot of melodrama that didn’t need to be there. I know that the more I run, the more comfortable I will be with it. To get better you run through those periods of discomfort and pain until it starts feeling better and it will. I was stopping to walk when I wasn’t even hurting. I guess after yesterday’s loop, I just decided to get real and get serious. Things will start happening now!




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