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As we were watching television last night, I came to a realization after watching a portion of “The Biggest Loser.” The people on the show last night were in the beginning stages of a new show, so they were all still close to the top of their weight levels. Watching all that they were being put through, the shock that it was putting on their body and their mind made me realize maybe I have been fooling myself. These people have some pretty unforgiving coaches that have one goal of making these people see what they can be and then also how they can maintain that level of fitness.

I am my own coach and I can truthfully say that my coach has not been doing his job…but now it is time. Watching that show made me realize that we excel only to our level of commitment and this can be in any phase of life. If we ever get to a point to say, “That’s probably good enough”, we, in all likelihood have sold ourselves short. It is not good enough, if you have more to give, not if you want to grow in that area. It is through repetition that the body learns. By continually increasing the pace or the work load the body adapts to handle that. Who knows the limits? Can you afford to let your mind set them too low by rationalizing limits imposed by outside forces? And do we sometimes look for these forces just so we can have a reason to limit our effort? Most of the things I do, I am held back by me more than anything else. Having seen this, I will deal with it accordingly.

Today, when I went on my run, I knew I must test this to some extent. Most of my morning runs are around two miles in length. I do admit that because of my previous running life I have some guilt in admitting this is all I have been doing. When I was in college, if I didn’t have time for at least a five mile run, I wouldn’t go at all because I thought it would just be a waste of time and I wouldn’t get much out of it. I know I have not been wasting my time. Up to this point it has mostly been about setting the routine. Today I told myself I would push harder to see what I could do. Most of the time my route takes between 18 and 20 minutes, although I may have gone under 18:00 a couple of times. I pushed harder today and when I finished I realized I still had some left, but it further underscored my underachieving when I came through at 16:48.58. It is time now to step it up. On one side I must increase the workout and on the other side I must take better control of my diet. It has been a good day today and as it is only 6:52 am, I may still have time for another run.




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