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The Rain has Passed…

The rain has ended for now. This morning I emptied another 0.25″ of rain from the gauge from yesterday’s rain. The air was heavy this morning as you would expect after a few days rain. It wasn’t excessively hot but just muggy enough to make you feel uncomfortable. I always come out in the morning to find the neighbor’s cat sitting in our driveway or carport and he takes off constantly looking back like the town’s people in those old western movies do when the gunslingers suddenly take to the street. The run this morning was uneventful. I have finally attained a mode where my body has adapted to what I have been doing, so shortly, it will be time to step it up. Funny thing this morning, just after I finished my run and had set the garbage out for pick-up and was heading inside – a little shower popped up. Good timing!

I have now added “Day 2” of my bike ride in 1984. The excerpt is as follows:

Sunday, September 9, 1984

This morning I left Wolf Creek Campground at about 7:20 and headed for Wolf Creek Pass. It was only eight miles to the pass but it was also about 2,800 feet difference in elevation. I stopped at Treasure Falls for a moment and then cruised up to the observation point (scenic overlook) and there I fed some birds and chipmunks. I then trudged on up the mountain stopping occasionally to rest and take a drink of water. I finished my water before I got to the top, so I filled up at a mountain stream by an emergency truck exit ramp. It was a good thing, too. I finished another bottle before I got to the top.

I fed the birds and the chipmunks at the scenic overlook.


Finally at about 10:45am I made it to the top of the pass. There I saw two guys on motorcycles, one with a trailer. They told me they were from Borger, but they had been staying in Southfork, CO. One took a picture of me and then I got him to take a picture of me with my camera. He told me his name was Tom Robinson and that if I went into K-Bobs in Abilene to tell Merle Richardson I had seen him.

It was really good to get to the top. The ride down was great. I must have been going about 35 mph. The scenery was great. The Aspens were starting to turn and at one point I was riding beside a river and it felt like it must have been about 38 degrees.

I stopped at a lodge and store and got a burrito (egg, potato, cheese) and a couple of cans of fruit juice (apple, orange). Then I cruised on past Fun Valley and into Del Norte. There I bought two more rolls of film. I went to Monte Vista and ate at a Sonic Drive-In. I had a steak sandwich, large order of fries, and a large Dr. Pepper and I can’t say how good it tasted.

From Monte Vista I cruised on to Alamosa. I wondered where Pat Porter (Olympian) was. The town was not what I expected. It was very flat – only surrounded by mountains (though it was nearly 7800 ft. elevation).

After I left Alamosa I decided to see how well I could see the Great Sand Dunes from the highway and then just cruise on to Fort Garland. There weren’t any campgrounds near so I stayed at the Concord Motel for $ 28.25. I wouldn’t have done it but I didn’t want to sleep in the desert away from a campground – plus I would get to take a shower.

So here I am now feeling much better. I’ve been looking at my routes and I’m going to try to make Trinidad tomorrow via State Highway 12.

I am adding the excerpts in italics, everything else is from now. I remember that morning well. I only had a plastic “tube tent” that hung on a rope between two trees. I put my sleeping bag in that. I got up real early because I was freezing my buns off. Overnight it had fallen to around freezing, so I had to get up early and get to moving. The other thing that stands out in my mind that was not mentioned was the fact that when I got to the top of Wolf Creek Pass, it was about 26 miles of a constant downhill…didn’t even have to pedal if I didn’t want to. Today – Carpe Diem. 18:48.03



Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.  — Chinese Proverb



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