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It has been a while since I posted here. It is not that I have stopped moving. On the contrary, I’ve done well to maintain my morning routine. It is much easier to get up, get out the door and then continue on with the daily grind than it is to stop and gather my thoughts and say something even remotely worth being in print.

It is much easier to get up and let things fall as they may. It is easier, but not necessarily better. It is always good to have a goal. It may guide you to something better or keep you from ending up somewhere worse off than you are now. Habits and routines are built through repetition. I am finding it is better to continually do those things I want to accomplish in short intervals rather than waiting until I can put great effort into that task, because in reality that opportunity might never come. Now again I will push to write on a regular basis, so that I can gain ground in those areas that depend on having something written.


Influence or Influenced

Another day of activity begins. I am out the door in the dark somewhere close to 5:30 a.m. As I pass under the first street light, it is blinding and much brighter than all the others I will come to as it is my first and my eyes are not yet used to the light. It is the dead of Summer. The heat is incessant. There have been over forty days so far with highs over a hundred. Even at this early hour, the air is thick and its touch is heavy. I move out of the light and hope for the most part to soak in my solitude.

I come upon a dog in the backyard across the street. Its barking is unsure and half hearted as though he sensed something was not right, but was not fully aware of my presence. This is just as I would like it. This is my time to be alone. I’m not looking for any “howdy do’s” or “how are you’s” from faceless images in the dark. This is my time to know me and analyze my place in this world. Often I may feel like the person that goes into a crowded room. It is that feeling of being apart, yet still a part of that crowd.

I pass others doing their routine and I do my best to stay out of their path and remain unnoticed. Through repetition you become somewhat aware of their routine, whether you want to are not. You expect to see them here or there and when they do not appear for whatever reason, there is a hole. If you never see them again, you may always wonder what happened to them even though you really have no reason to.

I have been thinking about this in regard to our placement in life. We sometimes find ourselves in what we perceive to be bad situations or unfulfilling jobs for whatever reason. It may not be that we were put in that place or that job, because it was going to do anything for us. What if we were put where we are at a certain time so that we could influence or be influenced by a certain person or certain people. Although you can’t necessarily see it at the time there is a purpose and maybe we should just be the best that we can and let time take care of the why. That doesn’t mean go along aimlessly. You still have to have goals and a plan. It is just that the pacing of this plan is not totally in our control. Take the bumps, fix the flat…but keep on going.


Crazy in the Heat

Unwilling in this relentless heat to take the time to speak, my blog for a while fell silent. This morning as I made my way out the door I was met by the hot stale breath of Summer. Although, at this point, it was unwelcome, it was not unexpected. At almost forty days over the century mark, this Summer is starting to drag on. I have backed off and am only willing to take a brisk two mile walk in the morning. I will continue with this schedule until we have a week with no days over a hundred. There is no real reason to deplete my reserves in the morning and then totally tear myself down working out in this heat all day long. I keep telling myself it is time to move on, but I know for now i am not quite finished in this capacity.

I watch as others make their way past my view. I wonder the thoughts that go through peoples minds or sometimes even the apparent lack of thoughts. Many people these days move through their routines with either earphones or telephones constantly to their ears. They are so intent on this they are pumping in their ear that they can’t readily react to the occurrences around them. People these days are so distracted and lazy. Too many shortcuts and not enough discipline. We have a society so intent on protecting everyone from everyone else that many have lost the ability to do it for themselves. People are willing to let someone else decide their future.

In my present quest, I choose to change this trend, at least in the scope that I am able. Carefully, I will walk and intently will I find my direction.



It was very still this morning, with only an infrequent breeze that would not move a small feather across smooth glass. It was very muggy and seemed as though that steamy stillness was trying to fill every little crack in your being. I am still in the “hold” mold right now. I walk some and run some. I am trying now to increase the running time and decrease the walking time. The plan is to slowly increase the load. I first aim to slowly get to the 40 – 60 mile a week level and then I will see how much above that I can get. My main goal is consistency.

I also want to lower my per mile time. At this years Capitol 10,000 I finished with an 8:05 per mile average. I definitely think I still have the ability to go below a 7:00 minute per mile for a 10,000 meter. A lot of this is dependent on what I can make myself believe, because there are periods when I feel like I’m on the verge of the old groove. I must find the diligence to focus. Somewhere in this journey, I will find my way to whom I am to become.

Wed  22:22.43 W/R     Thur  20:36.85 W/R     Fri  23:08.82 W/R     Sun  21:12.24 W/R     Mon  19:24.11 R/W     Tue  23:20.08 W/R  Tue  39:00.00 W   Wed  21:23.88 W/R     Thur  18:23.45 R/W



We had a strange day in May yesterday. Our high was 54. Sorry…I didn’t get out yesterday morning. It was in the low to mid 40’s then and I just couldn’t justify it. I did get out today and it was only slightly warmer. The running is getting easier. It still hurts, but not as much and I know a little more what to expect now. I’m thinking about the next push. I probably need to set a better plan as to what I want to do, where I want to be and when I want to arrive at these points. It is time to get rid of the shotgun approach and zero in more on the target. I’m not looking for an obsession, but I am looking for a little more success.

I know that in order to have improvement, I can’t be in the comfort zone. I know I could have done better in the Capitol 10,000. I just wasn’t in the mood to push past my training pace. I would be happy with a “good” time. That will not be the case a year from now. This will be an interesting year.

Mon  22:15.63 W/R     Tue  22:14.26 W/R     Wed  22:31.62 W/R     Fri  22:50.42 W/R     Sun  22:37.54 W/R     Tue  21:48.05 W/R


A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket.
Emil Zatopek

A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
Paul Dudley White

Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart.
Gene Tunney

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.
Thomas Carlyle

Here’s what I tell anybody and this is what I believe. The greatest gift we have is the gift of life. We understand that. That comes from our Creator. We’re given a body. Now you may not like it, but you can maximize that body the best it can be maximized.
Mike Ditka

The first wealth is health.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read more:http://www.brainyquote.com


Now What?

April 5, 2011 – I took most of the week after the Capitol 10,000 off. This time of year, doing what I do, is not the best time of the year to pick to do a race. The two or three weeks before the race were infused with the beginning of the Spring rush. I have been in the landscape industry for most of the last 26 years. For a while now I have been on my own as it has afforded me the most flexibility and, although I did have some people working for me at first, I decided to be a one man business. This means if there is anything physical to do, I do it. I am at peace with that. I see no shame in digging a hole, especially if I can put a tree in it.  ( I continue this now 17 days later. April 22, 2011) One thing leads to another. My focus is changing and I am about to embrace it all. This has been a great learning experience. No where is something understood better than when you are right there in its clutches.

When I began this move out on my own, I was overweight and out of condition. I began the landscaping and my physical conditioning improved, but my weight didn’t change much. I have gotten stronger and now that I am running again, I am in much better condition. I know that with persistence and dedication I can move to that next place. The question is, ” where is that next place?” I am in a holding pattern for the moment, but stay tuned as I work through that.


Fri 33:32.22 Walk     Mon 23:10.64 W/R     Tue 25:08.53 W/R     Wed 31:44.38 Walk     Thur 21:52.83 W/R     Fri 34:17.15 Walk      Tue 29:54.61 Walk     Wed 23:50.19 W/R     Thur 22:51.44 W/R     Fri 22:34.33 W/R     Sat 30:18.57 W/R    Sun 31:10.43 W/R     Mon 22:37.01 W/R     Wed 24:27.37 W/R     Thu 22:43.41W/R     Fri  23:01.74W/R


Afternoon Run

I stayed up late last night so I opted for an afternoon run today. I drove over to the trails and started at the zero mile marker. I have been wanting to check my pace and I am not real certain of the distances on my various routes. I have been thinking about doing this anyway, so today was the day. It seems like every run begins with shaking the rust off. It sets in so fast. I came through the first mile  about 8:38. This is very disheartening to me, but it is what it is. I remember those days of cruising through ten miles at lesss than a six minute pace. Right now that feels as likely as me stepping outside and taking flight. I came through the three mile point at 26:12, which is an 8:44 pace. That means I slowed somewhere in those next two miles (and in my mind it felt like I was going faster.) I intentionally picked it up in the last two miles. I wanted to at least cover the last half of my run in the same amount of time as the first half. I was pushing myself, but in reality I think I had quite a bit left. I was thinking how easy it would be just to accept that this is as fast as I can go now, but I know that it is not. I finished my six mile run in 52:04. That meant that I covered the last half of my run in 25:52.  That is back to the 8:38 pace that I started out on. That is a little victory, but I’ve got to do more. I really want to run around a 38:00 in the Capitol 10,000. When I turned in my entry, I put 44:00 as the time I thought I would run. With this run today I am about eight minutes off my predicted time and there is a little over three months to go. I am fairly certain 48:00 is reachable, 44:00 is possible and anything below 44:00 would make me ecstatic. I have got to start varying the pace during my run. I need to feel the pace go as close to a six minute pace as I can. If I can reach that, I will then just have to work on extending the duration. For now…I just press on.   Tue  52:04.80



Cold and Stiff

I got up Friday morning feeling really stiff, my legs were sore, my shoulder was still hurting and the thought of getting out in the freezing cold wasn’t making any of this any easier. I got dressed anyway as warmly as I could. I was sitting there in the chair thinking how much I didn’t think I could make a run and on top of that how tired I was. I drifted off into a little nap for 30 or 40 minutes. When I woke up, two thoughts went through my mind. I could get undressed, take my shower and get on with my day and save this for tomorrow or I could go ahead and step out the door and see just how far I could go.

I chose to step out the door and go as far as I thought I could go. About an hour later I was back. I ran to the spider and back. It was kinda slow going in the beginning. I felt like I was struggling the whole way, but my total time was about average for that distance. It just goes to show your body will lie to you and you just have to know when to push on.

Saturday I ran to the spider again and  the running was easier and my time was somewhat faster. I am running my routes at a faster pace, but I think the amount of clothing I am wearing on these cold morning runs is holding me back somewhat. I guess I’ll just have to wait until it gets a little warmer to find out.

I took Sunday off. We are in the middle of grinding and staining some of our concrete floors and the furniture is stacked in the kitchen where I go through to get out the door. I know it is just a convenient excuse, but I am using it. Today it was in the low to mid 50’s on my run which meant a lot less clothing. I even had to take off my sweatshirt before I finished. The next few days should be as good for running…even a little warmer.     Fri  57:53.54     Sat  56:31.93     Mon  56:22.44



A Little Colder This Week…

I got out of bed last Wednesday with a lot on my mind.  Foremost on my mind was a real dread at getting out in the cold, especially if it really was around 28 degrees. Knowing it was going to be colder I had already planned on doing my short route. Running in the cold didn’t use to bother me and maybe it still wouldn’t bother me so much if I wasn’t getting out of a warm bed to go running in the cold at 5:30 in the morning. Mr. J. Frost is not necessarily always a good host and on top of that I have never been as excited about running in the morning as I was about leaving it for later in the day. It is just that this is the only way I can assure that I will be consistent.

I had some good runs late last week and intended to take off Saturday or at least wait until later in the day, which again I did not do. I got up Sunday fully intending to brave the cold and get in another run. Instead I got all bundled up and ready to run. I sat in the recliner to get my shoes on. I noticed the other day how cozy I felt all bundled up sitting in that recliner…even without laying it back. Well Sunday morning I decided to ride that pony. I just sat in the chair feeling good until it was time for me to start getting ready for church. It was kinda like eating too many brownies. It felt so good, but then the guilt lingered.

I had to make restitution so when I went out for my run this morning I picked it up a little and ended my run with a personal best for this route. I really need to be closer to 42 minutes for this route and today I did it in 53. I will lengthen my distance before I make that 42, but somewhere in there I will edge closer to that pace.     Wed  18:43.12     Thur  54:27.67  Fri  18:47.40     Mon  53:20.80



Today I did not want to run, but I hadn’t run in two days and consistency is what produces results. It is for that reason only that I ran TODAY. I always check my weight after I run just to keep tabs on what is going on. After Thanksgiving and two days off from running, I was up 2.2 pounds. That is not real bad and can be made up fairly fast. It did mean I had jumped back above 200.

Today is the move to get back in the groove. When you have a goal you can’t wait until you feel like it to do the groundwork. Too many things at this stage of my life can become excuses that I chose to use rather than that I have to use. That really may be true of anyone at anytime. I know way back I wasn’t forced to stop running. I just chose to use up my time doing other things. Life is all about choices and sometimes we make choices and don’t understand what they will eventually lead to. I am choosing now to look a little farther out and make choices that will have a better chance of enhancing my life in the future and this running is part of that.  Sun 18:21.16