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Stumbling Blocks

It is easy to let things get in the way this time of year. Work is very busy, lots of travel or travel coordination and the heat has been very oppressive lately. Yesterday it was 106° F and most of the last week and a half have been over 100° F. My gut was not treating me well into this last weekend and I didn’t feel very well, which meant I just wasn’t going out on the road and I didn’t for a few days. This is just not the time of the year to make a statement, especially as far as running goes. Right now I am content to make my allotted time, even if that time is spent in a brisk walk instead of a run. I enjoyed this morning. It was very breezy and made for a very pleasant time. There may be rain in the next few days, which we desperately need. I will alter my schedule as needed.



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