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Some Days…

Some days, and it could be most days, you just don’t get up feeling like the thing to do is to take off running down the street, around the track, or through the park. It is a struggle, but maybe that is just the way things are in general. I find it much easier to finish something than to start it. That may have something to do with goals. Having a clear picture of what you want to accomplish makes it easier to set goals in increments to push you to that point. If you can’t get up and make it through these increments, you cannot get to the next level. Part of this daily running is a deal to get your body to build some efficiency. Too many breaks or too long of a break in between and you are back at the bottom of the stairs. So, as I have been doing, no matter how much I hurt (as long as it is not due to injury) or do not feel mentally ready, I will be out the door and at least keeping the routine. I read in some of my old journals and was surprised to see that even when I was running well there were still days when I stuggle. That means a lot of your best feelings about this endeavor are going to be right after you complete these runs. It is then you feel the satisfaction of the completion of a hard task and possibly a level of euphoria that envelopes you on moving toward a higher fitness level.  19:11.41




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