Rash Ramblings

A runner once, an explorer always!

Short Note

I wasn’t going to say anything else about them (the purple martins), but I had the thought yesterday that it would be funny if after I┬áran the whole loop they suddenly returned, as if somehow now satisfied with my actions. Well there they were this morning, back to there rolling chirp, but maybe now somewhat more harmonious.

As I began my run this morning, I was thinking how hard it really would have been to get Fred Flintstones car going. I felt a real closeness with this concept. I also thought about these postings and how they may get really boring if they are just focused in on me, so I’ll see if I can expound on related subjects with short periodic updates on my progress. And if you are thinking about getting in motion, it is time. Do a little and add a little each day.




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