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Pushing on

Every morning as I am starting out, I am met with the twitter of purple martins.It is like the low tweet of a bird caught in a slow rolling short circuit. This morning I did not feel the cool chill. It was more of a musty coolness, which probably means the forecasters will be mostly right that it will get near 100 degrees today.

My route for now is basically a rectangle. I am telling myself I must run some on each side of that rectangle until I connect them all together. Don’t get me wrong. I could probably run the entire loop right now, but it would not be at all pleasant. I am laying the foundation. I could speed it up, but why? It would serve no purpose. I intentionally started this far out from race day so I could do it this way.

I felt a little discomfort in my left knee early on, but it settled out. As I came upon the start of the second side of the rectangle, I took off running. It was just a steady pace, but I felt real tight. I told myself to relax my arms and hands and to lower my shoulders. I would also lengthen my stride some. It is like when you are on a horse. There is a gait that jars the heck out of you and you get past that and it is smooth. At this particular moment it felt like I was carrying the horse on my back. I turned and began walking again as I started the third side. I walked about a third of the way and then ran for a third. I felt much better even though I  was running up an incline. I walked until I got to the fourth side and then ran for about half that side. That felt really nice. I walked to the beginning of the first side and ran for about a third of it. At the end of this run I slowed back to a walk and took it home. I had increased my heart rate, built up a little sweat and I guess because I must be breathing deeper, everything smells much more intense. (I’m talking about the good smells.)

Another one under my belt. It is going to be a good day!




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