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Over the Hump

Sunday was a scheduled day off from running. The long run on Saturday did not have as much effect on me as I thought it would. I felt surprisingly good both Saturday and Sunday. There was also no new soreness due to the increased distance and time running. I must now work on adding more mileage to my weeks. That is what will give me the greatest amount of improvement.

I had a nice quick run this morning. I know the increased distance, like I did on Saturday, will help increase my speed, but as I increase my running base, I am going to have to think about doing some other type runs to also work on my speed. I think to some degree my body may be better adapted to take on this load as long as I don’t try to progress too fast. Being outside working in the 100 degree Summers has helped to build a level of stamina and strength that will carry over into my running pursuits. The excess heat is my greatest foe and I now do everything I can to stay out of the sun and heat, when possible.

I have observed in my landscaping pursuits when the heat gets excessive that  grass goes dormant, especially when not given abundant waterings, trees start shedding leaves and even the bugs go into hiding and are much less apparent. In times of excessive heat, it is time to slow down and conserve your resources. Now as the temperatures fall, it is time to begin the increase. It is the time to get in attack mode on these goals I have. I am ready.   17:44.29




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