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One Year Later

It has been a little over a year since I first started back running and recording my thoughts. Although this has mainly been about my running progress, I didn’t start out or do I continue to think that this would be my only subject here. It will be the main focus for the near future.

This morning I opted not to go out the door. We were out until about 9:00 pm last evening getting the chicken coop add on completed in a way so that we could get the other three “girls” outside. They are not quite to the size that we can add them to our original four…too much pecking going on. Their new pen is attached to the end of the other pen so they can get used to being around each other and maybe be put together in the next month or so.

As for the running, I am at a much better place one year later. At this point last year I was still trying to make it through a two mile walk. I have since run eight miles in a single run. I have slimmed up and lost a significant amount of weight. I am still stiff and sore when I go out to run, but that may be a constant thing. I may be more surprised if that does go away. What has mostly gone away are the pains in my muscles and knee and hip joints that feel like they might be or on the verge of being an injury. I think there was a period of re-alignment that occurred as the muscles and tendons strengthened. I have done all of this in the same pair of shoes and they are showing significant wear. I know I am past due on getting a new pair. It is high on my list of things to do. For now I press on and when my schedule slows down to normal, I will again push to increase my mileage.

Sun 22:18.93 W/R      Mon 21:36.38 W/R      Tues 21:43.46 W/R      Wed 18:33.41 R/W      Thur 22:23.75 W/R      Fri 20:56.12 W/R      Sun 21:39.77 W/R      Mon 26:23.56      Tue 22:39.65 W/R      Wed 45:16.54      Thur 21:19.90 W/R      Sat 45:41.81        Sun 21:54.67 W/R      Mon 23:04.24 W/R      Tue 21:44.43 W/R      Wed Off




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