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We are given obstacles and trials so that we have to depend more on God and in this way our faith will be increased.

As I go out on my runs I make little observations that in my own mind are now truths. I will run up to an intersection where cars are stopped and rather than demanding or taking for granted they will stop or remain stopped for me, I choose to run behind them. It puts the control in my hands. I know I am no match for any vehicle when I am on foot. This fact is also true for bicycles.  A lot of the bicyclists demand the road is theirs, too. I can agree with that to some point, but at the same time I understand that these motorized vehicles are much bigger and heavier than me and someone doesn’t have to be doing something intentionally for me to get hurt. I also do not necessarily agree with these “hard core” cyclists that think that their right overrides the rights of others when they tie up traffic because they cannot maintain the posted speed limit. I chose to stay out of the way of these vehicles whether on foot or on bicycle. It makes more sense to me to take the secondary roads that are less travelled by the motorized vehicles. I take it as my responsibility to stay out of their way, because I like living and because I know I can trust me.  As for the others out there, I have no way of knowing their thoughts and/or distractions. It only takes a second to totally change what is important.

I am now looking at this running thing differently than I did when I began again to run. I thought I would have a little pain and adjustment as I tried to get going again, but it really hasn’t gotten better or gone away. It may have changed a little. There are days I can barely get out of bed and when I do, I;m not sure if I’ll be able to make my way to the bathroom, much less be able to go for a run. Many days I have just decided I’ll go out and see how far I can get. Most of the time on these days, I feel like hell for about a mile then everything starts easing up. It just goes to show that you don’t really know what you can do until you try. I don’t know what the road ahead holds for me. I believe I was inspired to get back on the road and I am not sure where that will lead. I set my goal to finish in the top ten in my age group at the Capitol 10,000. If I was to look at that realistically today, I would have to say it looks more probable in 2012 than in 2011. I am not giving up though. I can’t say what God has got in store for me and if it is to be, He can make it possible.  As in other aspects, it is for me to just to plant the seeds.

Also, today I have reached another milestone. I have not missed a day in about two weeks. I always weigh just after my run. Whether that can be agreed to as the best time to weigh, I do not care. It is just my intention to weigh at the same time under the same conditions so that there is some sort of constant. Today, I weighed in at 199.4 pounds. This is the first time in probably 20 years that I have have dipped below 200 pounds. This has not been an overnight thing either. I am peeling the pounds away in onion skin layers and I am realizing it is not just the exercise. The whole lifestyle has to be attacked…exercise, eating habits and even the amount and quality of rest I am getting. I feel better about the change. I wasn’t happy looking at that guy in the mirror. When I looked in the mirror, all I could think was, “Who are you and what have you done with my body?” As it is, I will keep on with this new routine and look forward to gaining the new insights and hopefully, a better quality of life.     Wed  18:04.70     Thu  17:34.06     Fri  20:00.07 W     Sat  45:17.48     Sun  17:17.31     Mon  45:59.02     Tue  46:19.49




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