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Now What?

April 5, 2011 – I took most of the week after the Capitol 10,000 off. This time of year, doing what I do, is not the best time of the year to pick to do a race. The two or three weeks before the race were infused with the beginning of the Spring rush. I have been in the landscape industry for most of the last 26 years. For a while now I have been on my own as it has afforded me the most flexibility and, although I did have some people working for me at first, I decided to be a one man business. This means if there is anything physical to do, I do it. I am at peace with that. I see no shame in digging a hole, especially if I can put a tree in it.  ( I continue this now 17 days later. April 22, 2011) One thing leads to another. My focus is changing and I am about to embrace it all. This has been a great learning experience. No where is something understood better than when you are right there in its clutches.

When I began this move out on my own, I was overweight and out of condition. I began the landscaping and my physical conditioning improved, but my weight didn’t change much. I have gotten stronger and now that I am running again, I am in much better condition. I know that with persistence and dedication I can move to that next place. The question is, ” where is that next place?” I am in a holding pattern for the moment, but stay tuned as I work through that.


Fri 33:32.22 Walk     Mon 23:10.64 W/R     Tue 25:08.53 W/R     Wed 31:44.38 Walk     Thur 21:52.83 W/R     Fri 34:17.15 Walk      Tue 29:54.61 Walk     Wed 23:50.19 W/R     Thur 22:51.44 W/R     Fri 22:34.33 W/R     Sat 30:18.57 W/R    Sun 31:10.43 W/R     Mon 22:37.01 W/R     Wed 24:27.37 W/R     Thu 22:43.41W/R     Fri  23:01.74W/R



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