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Letting Go

This has all been much harder to get started than I imagined it would. I thought it would make take three or four weeks of settling in to the running scene again and then I could just start racking up miles. It has been an everyday thing (except for Sundays and last Friday when I thought I was going out of town). I just became consciously aware of something today. I have told some I thought I was being moved to run again because it seemed God was telling me I could not be who I am to become until I was running again. It really doesn’t make sense to start a running routine right as you are going in to the most physically demanding season of your work, but here I went. That thing I became aware of this morning was that just because I had said that and believed it, I now had not only the physical side to overcome, but without sounding overly dramatic, the devil was going to be working against me to keep me from success. I have set my path and am ready to persevere with God’s help.



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