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I was just starting to pick up some steam and then there was that incident with the bad food. I recovered from that only to get poked in my calf last Thursday by an Agave americana http://ag.arizona.edu/pima/gardening/aridplants/Agave_americana.html . It was very painful and I hobbled around limping for the next two days just as if I had pulled a calf muscle. The third day I was able to return to running, but I ran my short course just to make sure everything was okay. Today I ran my long course and I feel like I am back in the groove.

It has been a big boost to add the longer runs. I can feel it making a difference and I am starting again to shed weight. It is still fluctuating some, but I have now gotten down to 201 pounds and I am fairly certain I will drop below 200 in the next couple of weeks. The more I lose, the easier it gets to run. I started thinking about all the weight and the long time off from running and came up with a conclusion. We add weight over time as we slowly get out of condition. This weight and the condition we have developed as we have added this weight is the thing that keeps us from easily putting our body in overload, because we think we are in better shape than we are. As I have begun doing runs over a half hour in length, my wind and stamina have improved. Although I have been unsure of being able to compete at the level I want to by race time in March, I am now feeling more confident. I have registered for the Statesman Capitol 10,000 http://www.statesman.com/cap10k/ to be run on Sunday, March 11, 2010. I have not ruled out participating in another race before then, but whichever race is my next one will be the first  in over 20 years. If I keep improving like I have so far, I hope to surprise even me.  Tue  49:35.82     Wed  45:47.29     Thur  18:39.86     Sun  17:29.66     Mon  46:00.23




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