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06/30/10     I have been good at getting out everyday, although here lately I have been taking Sunday off to let my body catch up. I am going to have to do something different though because my left calf seems to be giving me some problems. It is one of those things where you don’t know if you need to push on even harder or just take off a while.

07/07/10     I got interrupted and am just now getting back to this post. I went out again today. I am still doing that everyday, although since I have had this issue with my calves I have been walking and running. Today was the best day in a while. When all this first started, I was feeling some tightness in my calves and in the back of my leg just above the bend behind my knee, so I was leaning against the wall to try to stretch out the muscles in the back of my leg. Apparently this only made things worse. I think I am past this now. If it starts tightening up too much during the run, I will slow to a walk for a short distance and that seems to do the trick.

The day before yesterday I was working on a short ladder. I had long pants, long sleeve shirt and gloves on. I was stapling up above my head when all of the sudden it felt like somebody shoved a shish kabob skewer through my wrist. I finally realized what happened and grabbed my wrist as I was falling backward off the ladder. Luckily, a stack of lumber broke my fall.  A big red wasp had seized his opportunity to embed his stinger in my wrist when the gap between my sleeve and my gloves was just right. So the last two days I have felt this scrape on my side as I run and the swelling in my forearm has made me think of Popeye.

I am also starting to think “runner” and “200 pound man” are not working well in he same sentence. I am now starting to think it may be in my best interest to go ahead and try to accelerate this loss to get in the 185-190 area. I think it will help to take the strain off and get to another level. Still, I press on.




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