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Hot Water Frogs

Today I had to go farther. I am not slave to the scale but my weight has been very constant since I begin my routine…almost to the tenth of a pound. That indicates to me I may just be burning the same amount of calories that I am taking in. It was time to step it up. Although I went further, I felt about the same. The initial part of the run was tedious, but when I settled in, the remainder was a very routine run. I did have a point in the run where the air hung heavy and felt very stagnant as if a huge hot water frog had grabbed me. As I rounded the corner on this leg I was caught in the face by a very welcome southerly breeze. The frog let me go as I was being caressed by a million arctic butterflies. These are things that go through my mind on the run. They are just something to make it a little more enjoyable. I probably did have a lot of my thinking affected by the likes of Walt Disney and Tex Avery. I am also hoping that as my running improves, so will my writing.




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