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Here Comes Hermine…

When I woke up this morning and heard the rain, I thought today would be a washout for my run. I got up anyway and went to look out the back door. It was actually more bark than bite. It sounded like the rain was really coming down when it was really just a steady drizzle, so off I went. There was a real payoff in the fact that it was cooler. I didn’t run Saturday and Monday so I had a little more effort available and had a little quicker run. The rain wasn’t puddling too bad and it wasn’t coming down heavy enough to really give me grief trying to see through my glasses.  It has been raining off and on ever since an somewhere around two inches has accumulated.     W 18:87.48  F 19:05.47   S 18:34.55  T 18:07.99




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