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Introduction: Back to the Road!

05/18/10  My thoughts the last few years have been that I will never become who I am to become until I return to the run.  From my childhood through college, each year my need to run expanded as each year passed, until one day a few years after college I reached that point where I mostly just stopped like that moment in the Forrest Gump movie.

A good part of my day was involved in preparing for a run, running or winding down from a run. I moved to Austin and began landscaping and the physical demand from that and the running was too much and the landscaping was a paying gig. I mostly didn’t run any more and that first year and a half after I stopped I gained close to fifty pounds. Of course I was only about 145 pounds in the beginning.

At one point I was working in a supervisory role at a landscape company and I got up to almost 230 pounds and my cholesterol was about 210. It was about this time in 2003 I got laid off and one thing led to another I ended up landscaping under my own company. I have had one or two others helping for a while, but the last couple of years it has just been me. I am still a little over 200 pounds, but my cholesterol at last check was down around 160.

 I have decided it is time to go back on the road. It is one of those things where you know you have to do it, but don’t yet see the long term goal. I always look at the Capitol 10,000 results each year to see how those in my age group are doing and do I see any familiar names. I haven’t seen any that I recognize and it makes me wonder if some of them also got burnt out due to the demands of life. I have thus set my sights on the next Capital 10,000 (2011). I have no doubt in my mind about finishing (I think I could do that now). My ambition is to see how close I can come to the top 10 in my age group.

 It is in this blog that I will track my daily voyage to this destination. I know what it takes to run at that level.

05/24/10     05:30 AM   I got up this morning and decided it was time to start some movement. I set the date at 06/04/10. For whatever reason, I understand 6 + 4 = 10.  I know that day, for some reason, adds up. Other than that, it is probably no better than any other day to get something started. It also stands to reason that even though you set a day “to begin”, “to start”, or your “Grand Opening” …at that point you have already started. There is no real magic to it. You just take a step.

I hope in going through these steps that I will not only help my physical position but to also improve my mental position. Right now thoughts and ideas are whizzing through my mind like cars on a crowded freeway, some never to be seen or heard from again. I take one more step. I know that a mountain is only so many shovels full and, if I persevere, I can either move that mountain or tunnel right through it.

05/25/10    05:37 A.M.     I took off on a walk this morning thinking of change. I also had the thought go through my mind that I need to get some scales. I want to be able to see and track these changes on many different levels. I know some I will anticipate and some I won’t. I know in the next week my weight won’t have any dramatic change. I am just walking right now. This is to set things in motion. I am not even worried about what day I will take off running. I know I will be moved to do it, as that is what I am moving to. There will be a day very soon that it will feel natural.

05/26/10    (Written 05/27/10) Although I did my new routine this morning I did not get the chance to put my thoughts down. I thought about who I was and through my work, what I have become. There was that runner now hidden away still down inside me and no matter how much I might articulate about the fact that he was still there and very viable, he was not visible and thus not present. In this time, and possibly just as much in past times, it seems it has become more important to appear to be who you want people to believe you are than to actually be that person. Those things without substantial foundation are destined to fall.

05/27/10     6:32 A.M.     I expanded my walk a little today. There is a definite purpose being built within. I think I see a little clearer today that sometimes we may think we do not have time to fit something into our routine, when actually it is just a matter of readjusting our priorities. It is time to get the website set up, the blog started and formulate a more structured plan.

05/28/10     6:27 A.M.     Same route as yesterday. I stepped out the door to a full moon. I felt the coolness of the morning and was energized or so I thought. As I eased out into the street, I felt the weight of yesterday’s work. I was stiff and heavy, but you forge ahead to build the routine. It was if I was pulling a load of bricks in my wagon. I was like the Yeti trudging through the forest…whump…whump…whump…and then I was home and felt all the better for it. I know everyday won’t be like this. You never want to get in the position where you think, I made it and then you try to remain there. That breeds stagnation. It is like the water in the stream. If can only be at its freshest when it is in motion.

05/31/10    5:47 A.M.     Took off Saturday and Sunday mostly out of convenience and also because “officially” I have not started. I have set June 4th as the start date. I am still getting things ready. Yesterday, I purchased new shoes and a scale. I still have to get a website up so I can start my blog. My new shoes are from New Balance. It says they were assembled in the USA and that New Balance is trying to move back to that. I like that. The scale I got is one of those that calculate body fat, etc, (Etc?) I am not going into this with the focus on losing weight as I know that will be one of the byproducts. My main focus is on the run and in particular next years’ Capitol 10K in Austin.

 This morning I started out in my new shoes and initially I had some discomfort in my right hip joint which I did not have before. I thought maybe these new shoes were causing me to be aligned differently, so I tried walking with better posture and shortly it did seem to go away. Sometimes, I know from past experience, it doesn’t matter how much or how long you have been working out – on any given day, you may feel really great or that you can barely move. The main thing is to continue the process and generally things will smooth out. There also may be days when you have to stop and come back another day. Even making a mistake and taking a day off when you shouldn’t have will be better than causing an injury that may cause you to miss weeks. The main thing is you have to listen to your body, but still press on through the discomfort and pain.

 These are my thoughts up to now. This is the process of getting into motion.  I hope to entertain, educate and/or motivate from my postings and if anybody does read this I will be glad to answer any questions or discussions that may arise.

Gary Rash



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