Rash Ramblings

A runner once, an explorer always!


It has been a while since I posted here. It is not that I have stopped moving. On the contrary, I’ve done well to maintain my morning routine. It is much easier to get up, get out the door and then continue on with the daily grind than it is to stop and gather my thoughts and say something even remotely worth being in print.

It is much easier to get up and let things fall as they may. It is easier, but not necessarily better. It is always good to have a goal. It may guide you to something better or keep you from ending up somewhere worse off than you are now. Habits and routines are built through repetition. I am finding it is better to continually do those things I want to accomplish in short intervals rather than waiting until I can put great effort into that task, because in reality that opportunity might never come. Now again I will push to write on a regular basis, so that I can gain ground in those areas that depend on having something written.



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