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Day Three…

Today I continue with an excerpt that came from day three of my bike trip in 1984 :

Monday  September 10, 1984

I left Ft. Garland this morning about 7:30. First though I stopped at the Ute Cafe. I got there about 20 til 7:00. (I was the first one there – and only one man came in after that.)

After I got on the road I thought I would have some easy riding for awhile. I did – for a little while. After that though I thought there was something wrong with my bicycle..I just couldn’t get it going. Finally I figured out that the road was not flat – my eyes and my mind were playing tricks on me. The incline was so slight that I didn’t notice it. I quit trying to figure out what was wrong with my bike after that.

I made it to the top of LaVeta Pass by 10:0am. On the way I passed a sign that said it went over Mosca Pass (a dirt road) to Westcliffe. I was surprised to see I had ridden 20 miles (but I was glad).It was great coming down into LaVeta – downhill almost all the way. I talked to a girl who gave me directions at Spoon River Realty so I could meet Kim Van Wormer’s mom – Diane Broce. I made it to Cuchara at about 12:15 and she was not in the office, so I looked around Cuchara some…very interesting place. I sat down and had two cans of peach nectar and a package of cinnamon rolls. “Sprocket” (a Brittany Spaniel) pulled the package out of the trash.

The elevation for Cucharas Pass should read 9,994.

I left Cuchara about 1:15. The road to Cucharas Pass was straight up or felt like it anyway – but it was pretty. I didn’t ever think I would make it to the top – but I did. The ride down was beautiful but full of ups and downs. I started making some good time after Monument Lake. I made it to Trinidad about 5:30. The hills before I got there nearly got me.

Monument Lake

I’m at the Holiday Inn now in Trinidad. It cost me $ 37.00, but it was worth the price difference over the Concord last night. I ate at the restaurant – Trout…and it was great. Now I’m getting ready for the ride tomorrow. I’m going to try to make it to Dalhart tomorrow.

09/10/10 I took today as one of my two days off this week, but should be back on the road tomorrow.




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