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Day Four…

More from my 1984 bike trip…

Tuesday September 11, 1984

I got up this morning and went to eat breakfast. After I got back to my room and got everything together I noticed a funny sound as I was going out the door. RM nbr 267.

My front tire had a hole in it …what a place to have a flat – in my hotel room. I thought I had everything I needed. The only thing I had to take off the front wheel was a pair of pliers…so I had to fix the tire on the bike. It was really probably easier.

I finally got away from the hotel at 8:20. I made it over Raton Pass and into Raton about 10:30. I stopped there at a Dairy Queen and had a chicken sandwich. I left Raton about  11:15. The road was bad for a while…big cracks that shook my mountain bike. Then the road got better and I had to ride against the wind. The wind was in my face and at my side…nearly blowing me off my bike or the wheels from under me at times. The winds got the worst between Des Moines and Clayton. I was running really low on water, when I spotted a windmill right by the road. What a relief. I filled up both bottles and nearly killed one besides. Then it started sprinkling and the wind probably picked up to 40 mph. I got on the bike and headed toward Clayton. They were doing kind of construction or digging on the edge of town and the wind was blowing the dirt across the road. I could hardly see even though I had my glasses on.

My Windmill Oasis

I got to town to see about a motel and the one I went in was full except for a double occupancy, but the man called another motel to see if they had a room available. He did and here I am at Cleo’s Motel and it only cost me $ 18.00. I ate in their restaurant and it was great (chicken fried steak…and I also had one of the hottest jalapeno peppers that I have ever eaten.)

Oh, by the way, I only made it to Clayton, so I’m still going to try to make it to Hereford tomorrow (141 miles).

That is all for today. I didn’t run. Thursday and Friday wore me out, so I’m just resting.




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