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Day Five…

I got back out running this morning. It is still muggy and uninviting out there. My mind for some reason this morning was on politics and politicos and this just made this run much more tasteless. I like my mind to be clear so I can concentrate on what is going on during the run. It is also good when not really thinking about anything, but just letting all that can be gathered through my senses be enjoyed. 

Now for another excerpt from 1984 bike trip journal…

Wednesday September12, 1984

The wind has been much worse than the mountains…and the heat is much worse here. I’ve backed off the pace…today was just a pickup day…tomorrow will be easier though with Hereford only 63 miles away – but there is only one town in between –> Vega.

I got up in Clayton – took a shower and was on the road by 6:50 MDT. I made good time to Texline…It was about 8:45 CDT. I nearly blew the day off in Dalhart. I was getting really discouraged. I took a break under a highway bridge about 9 miles out and I was really set on staying in a hotel there, but I decided to get a Dude at the Dairy Queen and see how I felt after that. I decided I would be better off if I just rode till I didn’t want to ride anymore. I made it to Hartley and bought two Dr. Peppers and after I finished them I filled them with water…so hopefully I won’t run out between towns. I got four miles out of Channing and noticed I had a flat (low) tire – the back end was bouncing up and down when I was pedaling. Luckily I was close to some trees. I took the bike over there and fixed the flat, but my pump sucks so I put enough air in where it wouldn’t hurt the tire or tube and walked the bike 4 miles to Channing. There I put air in at a Texaco station. I was surprised and relieved to find a station open in a town that small (304) at nearly 7:00. The old man was inside watching TV. He never came out, just waved when I was leaving.

Taking a break under a bridge.


The Texas road I was traveling

 I then bought two more soft drinks from a machine at a closed station at the other edge of town.

I could see the terrain was changing some and the lady at the store in Hartley said something about a river. I decided I would ride to the river and camp there.

I rode to the nearest bridge and if this is the river – it’s dried up… so I am sleeping in my river bed tonight. Tomorrow I’m just trying for Hereford. Money situation is not good, I only have about $ 8.00 …hopefully I can cash a check in Hereford.

The Riverbed Campground

I’ve been 472 miles so far in 5 days.


That is all for now.


Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.
– Albert Einstein

My bicycle and gear up close.



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