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Crazy in the Heat

Unwilling in this relentless heat to take the time to speak, my blog for a while fell silent. This morning as I made my way out the door I was met by the hot stale breath of Summer. Although, at this point, it was unwelcome, it was not unexpected. At almost forty days over the century mark, this Summer is starting to drag on. I have backed off and am only willing to take a brisk two mile walk in the morning. I will continue with this schedule until we have a week with no days over a hundred. There is no real reason to deplete my reserves in the morning and then totally tear myself down working out in this heat all day long. I keep telling myself it is time to move on, but I know for now i am not quite finished in this capacity.

I watch as others make their way past my view. I wonder the thoughts that go through peoples minds or sometimes even the apparent lack of thoughts. Many people these days move through their routines with either earphones or telephones constantly to their ears. They are so intent on this they are pumping in their ear that they can’t readily react to the occurrences around them. People these days are so distracted and lazy. Too many shortcuts and not enough discipline. We have a society so intent on protecting everyone from everyone else that many have lost the ability to do it for themselves. People are willing to let someone else decide their future.

In my present quest, I choose to change this trend, at least in the scope that I am able. Carefully, I will walk and intently will I find my direction.



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