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Bump in the Road

I have been off in the bar ditch, so to speak, for almost a week. I had a little resistance last Tuesday, so I took one of my days off on Wednesday. I ran on Thursday and it was downright hard to get going and, although I finished, I never really got any momentum going. On Friday, I got up not feeling great, so I opted for my other day off. I went to work, but it was like I was moving in slow motion all day. Luckily, I didn’t have to complete my regular Friday schedule as they opted to push to this week. Saturday was mostly just a series of naps as most of my energy was gone. My symptoms varied and not necessarily all at the same time. I was coughing and congested, at times my head and lower back ached and my stomach also felt like it could cause me some grief if, I pushed it too far. I didn’t. I didn’t run Sunday or Monday either, just to make sure I was over all of this. There was no reason to try to aggravate the circumstances by pushing through it all. There were times, when I was in college, that I went out for a long, hard run even though I felt like hell. Most of those times, after I was through, I did feel much better. This time though it was not something I was willing to risk.

Today, I decided it was time to hit the road again. The temperatures have dropped considerably just since my last run. It was probably in the 50’s this morning. It was cool, I felt good and the run was at a good pace. I’m hoping this is the only bump , like this, that I have to deal with before the race.  Tu 19:09.89  Th 20:31.58  –  Tu 18:51.93




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