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Breaking the Silence

I have been continuing my runs taking off either Friday and Saturday or Thursday and Saturday, although this last weekend I took off three days. My real job gets much harder when the temperatures hover around 100 degrees and even more so when it goes above 100. It too makes the running harder even though I run in the relative coolness of the very early morning. I do feel improvement even when I don’t see it so much. I don’t know as much from this perspective because when I first started running, I was a skinny little kid. Now I am working from the perspective of a football linebacker trying to break into the running scene.  A little side note: President Obama was in Austin yesterday. I was out a little bit yesterday, but if I hadn’t seen the announcements on the news, I wouldn’t have known yesterday was different than any other day. So, I keep on running and biding my time until the temperatures start coming back down. It will be then I will increase my effort and try to push for more sped and more distance.




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