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Breaking The Ice!

02/15/2011    Yesterday was the ice breaker for my running of late. The extremely cold temperatures have kept me off the road.

02/19/2011    I started that posting above on Monday, but was distracted and didn’t get back to it until just now.  A certain amount of inspiration has to be present not only to get you out the door and down the road, but also then to share your thoughts and experiences. I have stood in disgust at these last few weeeks as I either lose some of what I have gained or gather in some very valuable rest and recuperation. I have regretted somewhat at making this commitment to run the Capitol 10,00, but at the same time I guess I don’t really have anyone but myself to raise much of a question if I was to decide not to follow through. It is on me and I wil follow through. After the race, I wil reevaluate this situation. I like getting up early in the morning and the wlks are very good for my mental well being. I’m just not sure if I am supposed to run.     01/21  18:46.50     01/24  W33:46.60    01/25  47:34.94     01/26  18:02.92     01/28  56:27.13    02/06  W34:58.89     02/14  33:12.20     02/15  18:18.97     02/16  18:08.00     02/17  17:06.58     02/18  18:18.90     02/19  56:03.81




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