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Bad Food Equals Bad Run(s)

10/25/10     This morning as I stepped out I was welcomed by a full moon. It was a nice surprise as I had felt mostly in the dark this last week. I went out of town last Sunday afternoon. On my way to my destination I stopped in Brownwood to eat at one of my favorite fast food places. I went in and made my order and as I was waiting for my order, red flags started popping up. I wanted iced tea, but not only were they empty, as I could tell because the lids to the containers were plopped over on the counter and it just looked neglected. I then went to the soda dispenser and the only thing that caught a little interest was the lemonade, so I filled my cup up. It tasted like water with just a hint of lemon. About that time they called my number. I picked up my food and went to the condiment bar. It looked thoroughly picked through, but I was in there after what probably would have been their noon rush. I wanted jalapenos and onions and what I was getting was from the bottom of the container. Later I wondered how many times these pieces I was getting may have been filled over to get the container back up to full. I did not get a good feeling the whole time I was there. I also have to say this was definitely the worst visit I have ever made to this particular chain and that is over a 35 year span. I got to my destination and the whole time I was there I felt full and overheated. At the time I was not connecting these feelings with my visit to this restaurant. It was not until I returned home and felt horrible this last week that I realized I probably had some level of food poisoning. Everything was going right through me and I still felt like I might puke.

I tried to go for a run Wednesday morning but I wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t sure just how far I should get from the house. I thought I would at least try my shorter route, but I had to cut even that short. I felt like I was going to puke or worse. It was really that “or worse” I was most concerned about. After this spell, I decided I would wait until Saturday to try again. I had two hard workdays I had to suffer through first and maybe I would feel better by then.

I still wasn’t feeling all right on Saturday, but I made it through my shorter route. Then on Sunday I ran the shorter route again closer to my regular speed. Yesterday (Monday) and today I ran my longer route without a whole lot of difficulty, except some stiffness probably lingering from having missed some days.

It is that diligence and discipline that enables us to perform at a higher level. They apparently weren’t using either at this restaurant I ate at. Too often the job is not anything more than a means to make money. I believe one has to have pride in the work he or she does no matter the task as in the routine we build habits and thought patterns. Companies get too big and positions just get filled with a body and we end up getting quantity over quality. Everything is predicated on the assumption that we always need more, when in modern day America our life might actually have a better quality if we had a little less. I don’t really have the authority to judge anyone else or make assumptions that I can’t back up so I’ll just suffice it to say I’ll be a little more careful next time and be more ready and able to act on my inclinations.     Sun  17:46.57   Wed  14:53.38     Sat  20:31.29     Sun  18:25.24  Mon  47:32.26




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