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Back to it

Yesterday I was bucked off and today I got back on my horse. I may need to explain this. No, I do not have a horse or, for that matter, even access to a horse. I was using that saying to illustrate that I was stopped from doing what I wanted to do and that today I got back to doing it. Motivation is a big thing. Sometimes you are ready and willing to do something. It takes you toward your goal, you know you can do it and you get it done. At other times it seems everything is against you and suddenly the goal seems so much farther away. Yesterday it was like it was the day after the last day I would train again. I thought, “Maybe my body just can’t take this.” This morning it didn’t matter, I took off anyway. It hurt and it wasn’t pretty, but I made it to the end. Now I have been reminded that days like yesterday are just bumps in the road.




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