Rash Ramblings

A runner once, an explorer always!


Gary has been working in the landscape and irrigation contracting industry most of the last 25 years.  Early on in his life he developed a love of running. He ran on the track and cross country teams in junior high and high school. The running continued when he went off to Texas Tech and eventually led to him to become a walk-on to the Texas Tech Cross Country team and actually made the travelling squad one year. Running continued to be an aspiration after graduation even leading to a year (most of a year) in Durango, Colorado. After this year came a move to Austin, Texas and eventually abandoning any motivation to run. The last competition to participate in was the 1986 or1987 Statesman Capitol 1o,ooo in Austin.

This blog is a record of his trials, tribulations and thoughts leading to the 2011 Statesman Capitol 10,000 as he works to ressurect this running life.


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