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I’ve been thinking for a while I was going to need to up the distance again. Today I added an extra mile to my regular run. I had set December as the time to up the distance, but thought today was not too early.  Originally I thought I would have a little initial body shock as I started running again and then I would move fairly quickly into some semblance of my former running self. What I didn’t take into account was all those years off. As you build up miles an hours of exercise, your body develops a more efficient oxygen delivery system through increased capillary action. When I stopped, this declined as it wasn’t necessary for the physical activity level I was that I had moved to. I am only speculating, but I think this is part of he reason for the dead leg feelings and the same kind of a feeling as when you are trying to get more out of acar engine and it won’t go because he air filter is all clogged up. These things don’t rectify themselves overnight. I know the best way of overcoming this is to increase my mileage. This will not only increase my endurance, but will also have an effect on my speed just because of more efficient effort.

I go out early everyday before an interruption can keep me from completing my task. There are also less people out. Thee are less cars to guess what they are about to do. I refuse, for the most part, to  run in front of a vehicle unless I have a uniformed officer in front of the car holding it back. In this day and time, people are too distracted and too prone to blame problems that arise on other people. I choose to put that control and responsibility in my own hands as much as possible.

There are new aches and pains as each day passes, but there is also a feeling of  better overall health and conditioning and that lingers longer than the aches and pains. That is why I am sure I am on the right track.                  Mon     44:53.51     Tue  55:40.70




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