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A Little Colder This Week…

I got out of bed last Wednesday with a lot on my mind.  Foremost on my mind was a real dread at getting out in the cold, especially if it really was around 28 degrees. Knowing it was going to be colder I had already planned on doing my short route. Running in the cold didn’t use to bother me and maybe it still wouldn’t bother me so much if I wasn’t getting out of a warm bed to go running in the cold at 5:30 in the morning. Mr. J. Frost is not necessarily always a good host and on top of that I have never been as excited about running in the morning as I was about leaving it for later in the day. It is just that this is the only way I can assure that I will be consistent.

I had some good runs late last week and intended to take off Saturday or at least wait until later in the day, which again I did not do. I got up Sunday fully intending to brave the cold and get in another run. Instead I got all bundled up and ready to run. I sat in the recliner to get my shoes on. I noticed the other day how cozy I felt all bundled up sitting in that recliner…even without laying it back. Well Sunday morning I decided to ride that pony. I just sat in the chair feeling good until it was time for me to start getting ready for church. It was kinda like eating too many brownies. It felt so good, but then the guilt lingered.

I had to make restitution so when I went out for my run this morning I picked it up a little and ended my run with a personal best for this route. I really need to be closer to 42 minutes for this route and today I did it in 53. I will lengthen my distance before I make that 42, but somewhere in there I will edge closer to that pace.     Wed  18:43.12     Thur  54:27.67  Fri  18:47.40     Mon  53:20.80




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