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A Few More Steps

I left the house this morning after two days away from the run. Running and 8-10 hour work days in the 100+ sun do not go together nicely. Maybe if that was all I was trying to do, but other commitments make it necessary to make sure I balance things out. This morning ther was a relatively cool breeze blowing and it seemed a bit brighter probably from the sun reflecting off of the clouds. The puffy, cottony looking clouds were passing overhead at fairly brisk pace. I myself was not. I ran a little at first, but I felt like the Hulk bounding down the street shaking everyone from their beds. I decided this outing would be one for the soul, so I walked briskly and took in the morning air. It was also much easier to look up and watch the clouds. As there were breaks you could see the stars blinking brightly behind them. I could see the constellation Orion center most in the sky in these breaks, as I like him am out hunting, I am looking for that more fruitful path. I continue on and stealthily look ahead to all the possibilities.




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