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A Colder Day Today?

12/13/10  I did a little extra bundling up today because it was supposed to be 29 degrees this morning. I don’t know if it was or not, but I think I had just the right amount of clothes on. This extra load you carry during these cold winter runs is comforting while you are out, but a big hassle in your journey to get out the door. I know, if you have been following me for a while, you have seen me complain about the cold and the heat. It’s just one of those things that occupy your mind. The action of getting out to go running is hard enough without factoring in unfavorable weather and all the pain and soreness that comes about because of this action.

The trails that I run on are very nice for the most part and not crowded at all when I run. Being involved with landscape irrigation, I do get frustrated at times. There are quite a few areas where the irrigation is causing mud pits on the trail. It is so heavy that it looks as though it could be caused by a bubbler that is full open or maybe a broken head. When there is just over-spray it mostly doesn’t seem that bad. I haven’t gone the extra step of finding out who needs to be notified that there is a problem. I guess that needs to be my next move. In reality, we are in the time of the year when most people have shut their irrigation down. These may still be running regularly because they are using reclaimed water. I don’t know, but it is something I need to check on.     Tue  54:57.00             Wed  18:42.42  Fri  54:49.62     Sat  57:56.30     Sun  19:03.42     Mon    56:40.96     Tue     46:30.68     Wed  19:44.56




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