Rash Ramblings

A runner once, an explorer always!

Something a Little Different

There is sort of a dreadful anticipation as I walk to the door. As I open the door I am met by a hot, humid burst of air and it tries to push its way in. I quickly slip out and pull the door to.  There is a tightness that encompasses me like the ships firmly moored to the dock but still moving as the restless waters ebb and flow. Almost without thinking, I am in motion trying to release myself from this bondage brought on by many years of resistance to indulging in this very movement. I am caught up again knowing there is freedom if I continue to press on. I will become somewhat indifferent to those resistors as I become again familiar to them. Pain will sit in a lonely dark corner only catching my occasional glance. I will embrace the elements and gather them in to make a shield for my future conquests. I have every confidence that on the way to my goal, I will find within me the ability to greatly surpass it.




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